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Agraja – Jaggesh and Darshan Together

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1Agraja – Jaggesh and Darshan Together Empty Agraja – Jaggesh and Darshan Together on Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:11 pm


Agraja – Jaggesh and Darshan Together

actor Jaggesh will play the lead in the film Agraja which will have Challenging Star Darshan in a special role. This is the first time that Jaggesh is teamed up with Darshan who form a mutual admiration society. Darshan is a huge fan of Jaggesh as much as the Navarasa Naayaka is in awe of the Challenging star. Jaggesh was so happy to see Darshan getting released from bail and also when Sarathi became a huge hit. Now, both these actors are working in a film.

Darshan seems to have allotted seven days of call sheet for this film which was initially rejected by him as he was not inclined to do guest roles or special roles in some films. He has already worked in a film like “Snehitharu’ for which he had participated in the shooting for six days. He has also completed his dubbing work for the film.

The film is being produced by Govardhan, the editor of many Kannada films.

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